Alyce Holzy

The brand you've devoted so much to and worked SO hard for, deserves absolutely unmatched photos. Not only will amazing images present you as the LEGIT, trustworthy business that you are, but it will elevate you above your competition. We live in a very visual world and I'm here to lift the burden of finding the perfect photographer (*me standing in front of you with jazz hands*).

I would love to chat about how I can help you get your visuals to the next level, attract the eyes of your ideal clients, and make you more money. If you need ideas and insight, I'm your gal. I will consider myself a part of your team, make sure your brand is presented in the best light, and I can't wait to be your BIGGEST cheerleader!

Working with a professional photographer (hint, hint... ME!) will elevate your brand to the next level.


My work has been featured in:

Product Shots

Your product + a simple background? CLASSIC.

Lifestyle Shots

Life, movement, models, light,... just the ticket.

Business lifestyle

Your awesome office space + you in your element. 


They say not to "gild the lily," .... but then again, sometimes it's just so gosh darn nice to look at.

C O M M E R C I A L   S E S S I O N   O P T I O N S :
0447 446 736

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Commercial pricing varies because each job is unique... and that's a good thing!

Examples of factors considered in your custom proposal:

- What is being photographed and where
- How many items and preparation required
- If extra styling is needed
- If the shots will be utilising models

Please contact me for a custom consultation today.
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Just wanted to say thanks so much for everything yesterday, and adapting to the added requests/photo’s from the client and handling the situation on the go so professionally – and staying on after I had to leave. I was really impressed with how you handled the shoot yesterday and your attention to detail and working with the client, situation and my direction. Really appreciate you going above and beyond and embracing the job to the level that you did/are…I’ve worked with enough photographers over the years that are just ‘box tickers’ or don’t have the care factor, so it’s really refreshing to work with someone who does.

- Scott
Creative Director

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