Meet celebrant Bianca Dixon from Say I Do Celebrancy

Trendsetter and wedding bestie are two of many ways to describe Bianca Dixon from Say I do Celebrancy. Bianca has a heart of gold and with a wealth of experience, she’ll make your ceremony perfectly yours. Short and sweet – no worries. Kick ass fun – go for it. 4 people or 100 – all ceremonies are unique and special.

Grab your favourite drink, and comfy place while you get to know Bianca.


What inspired you to become a celebrant?

I worked for the Townsville Courthouse in 2014-2015 and loved the part of my job where I could do Registry Weddings!  When I moved back to Mackay I decided to become a Celebrant and officiate Weddings outside of the Courthouse.  I officiate my Best Friend’s Wedding and have never looked back, its such an honour to be apart of someones special day.


What’s the most memorable ceremony you’ve ever officiated?

I had Whitehaven on my Say I Do Vision Board, so when my old Boss asked me to officiate his Wedding last year on Whitehaven I was sooooo excited!  The weather was perfect, it was an intimate with his nearest and dearest and the Wedding was in my favourite location.  Hayman Island or Hamilton Island is on my Vision Board now, so if anyone is looking for a Wedding location in the Whitsundays, let me know the date for an EPIC deal!


If you could officiate a ceremony anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I would love to Officiate a Wedding in Paris, the City of LOVE!!!  The iconic Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Pyramid or Tuileries Garden would be my top picks, soooo romantic!


What is your favourite part about being a celebrant?

Everything!!!  Ok but if I had to choose one thing, I love it when couples are super nervous, because that’s when I really work my magic to make you feel super relaxed.  A Celebrant not only makes the Wedding official, they also play the most important role of making the couple relaxed. Think of me as your Wedding Bestie, because ultimately that’s what I am.


Have you ever had any funny or unexpected moments happen during a ceremony?

I officiated a Wedding in Bowen in my first year of Weddings and there was a huge car race, they shut the whole streets down for it.  The Bridal car was stuck waiting for the race and the Groom waited 40 minutes, don’t worry I can entertain your guests if something similar happens.  Or you can google events on your Wedding day to make sure you are prepared.


What advice would you give to couples or individuals planning their special event?

Getting married is one of the most important days of your life plus such a huge investment, it’s so important to choose your Wedding Dream Team that’s right for you, that has your back and the same vibe.


How do you customise ceremonies to reflect the personalities of the people involved?

Every Ceremony is unique to each couple, we go through all the juicy details in our planning meetings and tailor your Ceremony to you.  Some couples want a short and sweet ceremony 5-10 minutes, others want a fun kick ass ceremony 20-25 minutes.  Some couples look forward to writing their personal vows while others would prefer sending letters to each other pre-ceremony, there’s so many options.  Let’s chat if you’d like to know all of my tips.


Do you have any unique or creative rituals or traditions you incorporate into ceremonies?

For all of those couples wanting an Unplugged Wedding, have you considered doing a Hot minute?   Or you are doing your personal vows but don’t know who should go first, this is where we can have some fun!   I’m often saying to my couples that I was on TikTok for research purposes and saw this new Wedding trend, so if you want a Celebrant who is up with the latest trends look no further.


What is the most heartwarming moment you’ve witnessed during a ceremony?

Without a doubt it would be personal Vows!!!   I love it when my couples do their own Vows, but I also know it’s not for everyone.  I absolutely love this part of the ceremony because it’s so personal, fun and heartfelt all rolled into one.  If you get super nervous there’s ways we can calm your nerves remember I’m your Wedding Bestie so it’s in my job description.


How do you handle nerves or stage fright before officiating a ceremony?

My number one fear was public speaking, so I decided the best way to conquer that was to get really good at it.  So I faced my fears become a Celebrant.  But I’ve also done lots of work behind the scenes, I’ve been involved in local Business Networking groups and also Toastmasters to really refine my art.  I also listen to the Voice Coach podcast every week and can’t wait to do their course and have my own Voice Coach (that is on my vision board for this year so watch this space).

Bianca Dixon from Say I Do Celebrancy in publication photoshoot.

Are there any particular themes or styles of ceremonies that you enjoy working with?

Whether it be Elopements with 4 people or with 100+ guests, each ceremony is unique and special.  I love relaxed Wedding vibes or super formal, Beach Weddings, outback Weddings and everything in between.  I love seeing your Wedding vision come together!!!


Have you ever had to deal with challenging or difficult situations during a ceremony, and how did you handle them?

I’ve officiated over 80+ Weddings and I’ve only ever had 1 x Wedding Ceremony in the rain, it was 2.2.22 at midday and such a humid day so we welcomed the rain. In fact it was so beautiful, we continued and it was the most romantic Wedding.  You can’t predict the weather so I strongly encourage you to have a wet weather plan just in case.


What is your favourite part of the ceremony process, from planning to officiating?

I love getting to know my couples, I honestly become your Wedding Bestie throughout the process, I offer guidance and support right throughout the planning process until your special day.  But it doesn’t just end there, I used to work at the Courthouse so I have contacts at BDM which means even after you’re married, I will guide you every step of the way to getting your Marriage Certificate and changing your name (if you opt to do so).


How do you create a balance between tradition and personalisation in ceremonies?

Absolutely, lots of my couple love Traditional ceremonies with a modern twist, we go through your Ceremony so you can choose the parts that are right for you.  Everyone is different and it’s important that you can choose.


Do you have any favourite quotes or readings that you often incorporate into ceremonies?  I have my Say I Do signature sentence, apart from your Legal Vows and the Monitum we create your ceremony that’s right for you.  If you don’t want a love poem, we don’t have to include it, if you want something religious let’s add it!  Your Ceremony is completely tailored to your Wedding day so let the fun begin.


Have you ever had a ceremony that had a surprise element or unexpected twist?

The first Surprise Wedding I ever did, was when my son was first born 26 weeks (yepp you read that right, I hadn’t even had my glucose test).  I travelled down from Townsville where we were staying at the time and walked into a 30th Birthday celebration……turned Surprise Wedding!  All the guests had no idea and were in total shock, I worked with one of the guests at the time and she came up to me afterwards and said she wished she’d known and wouldn’t have worn Jeans to her best friend’s Wedding.  So my hot tip, you never know where there will be a Surprise Wedding so make sure you’re not dressed too casual.


How do you keep ceremonies lighthearted and fun while still maintaining their significance?  Ceremonies really don’t have to be boring, it’s the formal part of the day but it can still be special.  Not every Celebrant offers a rehearsal which is super important, so make sure you check with them.  I always offer a rehearsal, so you’re relaxed and can enjoy the Ceremony without guessing where to stand, with the sun in your eyes, walking in too slow or too fast.  Ultimately I get to know my couples and can get you pumped and ready to get married.


What is one piece of advice or wisdom you often share with couples or individuals before their ceremony?

I say this to all of my couples, it’s your Day!!!  It’s a huge investment and should be enjoyed, so your number one job is to enjoy every minute!  The other tip is choose your Dream Team that works together seamlessly so you can really enjoy your day.  I have my favourite Wedding Vendors who I regularly work with which I can send out to you if you’d love some help with choosing!


Bianca Dixon

Thank you Bianca, for your time and hot tips! If your going to take Bianca up on her Hayman/Hamilton EPIC deal, let me know too I want in too!!)

Contact details for Bianca: Website, Instagram


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