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Self-care is rather important in our fast-paced world. Yoga offers a wide a range of benefits for the mind, body and spirit. Embrace inner peace, build strength and flexibility with expert-led Mackay yoga classes.

3 relaxing Mackay Yoga classes

Yoga incorporates various elements with breath control, meditation, ethnic principles and philosophical teachings. It combines the body, spirit and mind to find inner peace.Yoga benefits all ages to improve physical strength, balance and flexibility. Regular and consistent practise with qualified teachers can you improve your overall lifestyle for long-term well being.


Tranquil Yoga Mackay

The space is created to help you unwind from the chaos of every day life.  Yoga styles offered at Tranquil Yoga include Yin, Yin and Yang, Hatha, Hatha Nidra, Heated Vinyasa and Ashtanga Xpress.  Rates and memberships vary from monthly unlimited, 10 class passes, upfront memberships with Fitness Passport members welcome.

Located: 39 Boddington Street, Mackay QLD 4740

Neighbourhood Yoga

Consistency is key.  Classes at Neighbourhood Yoga are offered in six week block to manage discipline. With letting our nervous system have predictable rhythms, consistent yoga helps prepare the body during busy lives.  Rates start from $110 for one class/week for 6 weeks, $190 2 classes/6weeks and $240 for 3 classes/6 week block.  YogaYoga On Demand is available too – get instant online access and yoga when it suits you.

Sadie Wells Yoga

Not your typical yoga studio in the Mackay’s northern beaches.  Sadie Wells has decades of experience and will lead you to real results with humour and honesty.  Classes are held during school terms in a fully equipped studio to ensure your sole focus is you. There are new moon yoga classes, sunrise, gentle beginner and dynamic classes.  Welcome passes are available to first timers for $69 for unlimited classes for 21 days. Term block passes for 10 or unlimited ($199 and $299 respectively.)

Located: 23 Mowlam Street, Eimeo QLD 4740

Mackay Yoga

You’ll never regret creating time for yourself, you owe it to yourself. Stresses from work, marriage, parenting can all be reduced by committing to practicing yoga regularly and the Mackay yoga classes will help.  Now go put self-care on your calendar!


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