Why is photography important for businesses?

Real estate company set for team photos

Why is photography important for businesses?

You’ve put a lot of work into starting and running a business. You may even be ranking well in Google searches.  So what happens when a lead or a potential client lands on your website to find less than professional images of you and your business.  Will they trust you? Will they think you’re a professional in business? Will they bounce and go to another website?

Professional photography will make your business standout visually and show off your professionalism and how serious your business is.  More so having the right photographer understanding your brand and values, they will create photographs for your business that will stand the test of time and that is why photography is important for businesses.

Your website or social media is the face of your business and where potential customers and clients will form first impressions of you.  Let’s work together and put your best *face* forward!


What is commercial photography?

Commercial photography can be named as business, headshot, branding, product, lifestyle, corporate.  They help help promote goods and services supplied by businesses.  Depending on your offer, different commercial photography will be required.  Some businesses opt to have a mix, example – a styling company may require headshots, but also of their work and working in the business. A real estate business will require a headshot for their listings, and team photos for sales, rentals and the whole team


So you’re considering Corporate Photography… Great!

If only it was as short as a photographer turning up and click!  A little more planning goes into photographing for your brand.

Locations for corporate photography

Choose a signature location to your business.  It could be at your business itself, local landmark, a building that is in your brand colours, a blank wall.  Choose a place that’s accessible and have enough space if you choose to have team photos take.

What to wear for branding photography

Having a uniform takes away decision making however it is still important to prepare.  Pull your uniform out 2-3 days before your session and try it on! This way you’ll know that everything fits well days before your session, and not have to scramble the day of!
When your business doesn’t have a set uniform, take into consideration, your brand’s colour and vibe.  If your brand is soft and natural, wearing red will not fit in with your brand.  Ultimately, your face is the brand and keeping distractions to a minimum is key.

No matter what you wear, have it pressed and free of creases – consider wearing another outfit if your session is scheduled later in the day.

Photographing your brand’s voice

Not all businesses like having look and smile at the camera headshots.  Some prefer to really add in their personalities to show off their brand and some businesses require professional non-laughing photographs. Some require a mix.

What to expect with me as your business photographer

It’s awkward having photos taken the best of times, and then if your team are standing around too and watching – it’s nerve wracking!  Just know I’m on your side and part of your team! It’s important to me that you like and love your new photos – they’re going to be made public and live on the web for a very long time.  During our time you’ll see the back of the camera, see what to adjust and leave knowing you’re going to like the end result.


Why is photography important for businesses?

If you’re looking for a photographer that provide amazing images to elevate your brand above your competition, to attract your ideal customers and to help you make more money, that’s me – I’m the photographer you need!

Since you are looking into why is photography important for businesses, I’d love to chat with you about your branding photography needs! Click this link to view my work and let’s start the conversation for a custom consultation today.



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